It's time for the Friday 5 - your front-row seat to a rapid-fire 5-minute knowledge feast! Unanswered queries are like rolling snowballs - the longer time passes, the heftier they get.

1. Tick-tock, the clock's running! A lawsuit isn't something we adore. But the pressing question remains - how long does one have to wait for their trial to begin? Let's dive into the depths of this concern.

2. The Corporate Transparency Act - a new-age legislation bearing implications for small business owners and entrepreneurs alike. Decode what this means for you in simple, non-legalese language!

3. Transferring property to an LLC - a hurdle or a cakewalk? Lenders can often put a spanner in the works. Unearth whether their approval is a must or optional.

4. Trusts - the unsung heroes in the world of estate planning. But does everyone need one? What's the catch? Unravel the intricate layers of trust issues.

5. Healthcare Directives are akin to our personal doctors-in-writing. But when is the right time to update them? Tap into the nuances of this less-discussed topic.

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