An image of a book nook in a libraryGrowing up with a librarian mother, some of my fondest memories were spent on rainy days reading books from the local library.

As I got older, it was common for my personal librarian to curate articles and other tidbits of interest and leave them for me in my room, mail them to me at college, and when email came along, filled my inbox with nuggets of wisdom and bits of advice that she thought I could use.

With The Ayers Nook newsletter, I am trying to keep that legacy going by curating and sharing information with my list, like:

  • Health Savings Account Strategies Anyone Can Implement

  • Tips for Leaving a Legacy for Your Grandchildren

  • Preparation for the Upcoming Tax Filings for your Business

  • Information About the Corporate Transparency Act

  • Cybersecurity Systems to Protect Your Business and Family 

I also highlight a charity or cause that is timely and relevant and always encourage my readers to submit causes or charities that they know of or are involved in that can be featured in future email newsletters.

It's free to join, all you need to submit is your first name and email and I'll get you on the list.

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