I believe in developing lasting relationships with my estate planning and business law clients. When you work with me to address your legal concerns, you can be assured that you’re never just another number on a case file. I consider my clients to be like family and am happy to use my skills to create a plan that lets them take control of their future to reach their goals with confidence.

One way I like to stay connected with my clients, referral sources, and other interesting folks that I’ve met is through my monthly newsletter. I do share the occasional legal tip, but my newsletter is primarily intended to be a fun and entertaining way to keep in touch. I love to cook and am happy to report that each month’s featured recipe is a reader favorite.

Some topics found in recent issues of my newsletter include:

  • How my cooking skills have evolved over timeNewsletter
  • Apps to support your mental health at home
  • Surprising things celebrities have tried to trademark
  • A simple trick for self-improvement
  • How stress can negatively affect your memory
  • How your favorite food seasonings might sabotage your health
  • How Lucille Ball saved Star Trek in the 1960s
  • The most famous art heist you’ve never heard of
  • Why social media quizzes might be stealing your personal information

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