After you’ve done all that hard work getting your business off the ground and you’ve taken that all-important first step by formally incorporating your business by filing the documents with your state, you’re now faced with a feeling of:

What Do I Do Next?

The next step you should be looking at is to organize your corporate documents. It's an often overlooked step by new business owners who are overwhelmed with everything that goes into starting a business. If you've just bought some forms off the internet, you don't have any context for what's next.

I've created this short free report for you to help you get organized and take those next steps. It may be the nostalgia talking, but I've always been a firm believer in the power or using 3-ring binders to keep organized and I'll explain the organization system used by my clients to keep their corporate documents organized.

If you aren't even sure what types of documents you should be looking for, there are 10 common types of documents:

  1. Articles of Incorporation

  2. Professional Licensing Documents

  3. Bylaws

  4. Corporate Meeting Minutes

  5. Corporate Agreements (Shareholder’s Agreement, Operating Agreement)

  6. Corporate Resolutions

  7. State Filings

  8. License Approvals and Permits

  9. Share Certificates

  10. Transfer Ledger for shares of the business

You may not see the need for keeping these documents organized, but we'll also look at the reasons why you need to keep these documents organized and available.

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If you've got more questions about business law or you're ready to get started forming and launching your business, let's set up a Legal Strategy Session and help you understand the best options for you!

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