Chandler Bing, known off-screen as Matthew Perry, left us with a teardrop and a smirk. Now comes the question – with no ring on his finger or kids, where does his 'Friends' fortune go? 

Matthew lived his life in the limelight; ironically, his estate plan is shrouded in mystery. As an unmarried man with no children but parents and five siblings, the distribution of his assets could play out several ways. 

Let's dive into the realm of celebrity estates. Every infamous music artist, actor, and athlete who's left too soon has sparked the same question. What happens to their fortune? The answer depends heavily on whether there was an estate plan in place. 

Let's unravel recent celebrity estate narratives, from the battle over Prince's riches to the control of Michael Jackson's legacy. What worked? What had people wishing they'd done things differently? Is there something to be learned from these high-profile cases? 

Estate planning is a must for everyone. It can be a lifesaver for your loved ones in an already difficult time. 

Let's walk through the estate planning maze that Matthew and other stars likely navigated. Ready to dive in? Click the link below to explore the mystery of celebrity estates in our latest video.

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