Four Documents You Shouldn’t Buy Online

The internet can be a great resource for saving time and money, but do you really want to put your future in the hands of some unknown web developer? Clipping coupons is one thing, but websites that offer legal forms you can complete at home simply can’t provide you with the guidance you need to make effective decisions on how to best protect yourself and your loved ones.

In There Are Too Many Forms Online – HELP! Four Documents You Shouldn’t Buy Online, I share the purpose of common legal documents and discuss some of the many potential pitfalls that can occur when you rely on templates purchased online instead of consulting an experienced attorney about your specific needs, goals, and objectives. The documents discussed include:

  • Health care power of attorney. In an emergency situation, this document gives the person you choose the right to make vital medical decisions on your behalf.
  • Estate plan documents. Without a plan in place, the state decides who inherits your property.
  • Loan documents with family. When you loan money to family members, a clear agreement prevents conflicts that could otherwise end relationships.
  • Prenuptial agreements. This agreement protects your assets and prevents you from being forced to assume your spouse’s debt if your marriage doesn’t work out.

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