Who will steer your ship if you're not at the helm? Power of Attorney in estate planning is like the stand-in captain, ready to navigate tricky waters when you're not able.

While wills and trusts are the stars of estate planning, the unsung hero, Power of Attorney often gets overlooked. This legal document isn't about what happens after you've sailed off into the sunset. It's about who's got the wheel while you're still on board.

Imagine appointing a trusted mate to make decisions on your behalf - that's what Powers of Attorney are for. And it comes in two types: one for your financial matters and one for your healthcare.

Without these, if a storm hits and decisions need to be made, your family could be left scrambling for a lifeboat. That could lead to the creation of a guardianship - a long, complex and expensive process.

Choose your stand-in captain wisely. Your ship deserves to sail smoothly, even in your absence.
Andrew Ayers
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