Ever wonder how the estate saga of Lisa Marie Presley got resolved? Here's the insider scoop!

- Riley, her sole trustee, now holds the keys to Graceland.
- A court-approved settlement filed in June paved the way.
- Priscilla scores a burial spot next to Elvis.
- Riley is now at the helm of trusts for Finley & Harper Lockwood, her half-sisters.
- Priscilla gets a role as a special advisor with a monthly stipend.
- Over $1 million and a $400,000 legal fee bill sealed the deal for Priscilla to pass the trustee torch to Riley.

Key takeaways for you:
- Court approval is a must for many settlements.
- Choosing the right trustee for your children is crucial.
- Probate battles can give you a run for your money.

So, if you're caught up in a probate squabble, don't go it alone. Professional assistance could save you from signing a dubious amendment to your trust like Lisa Marie did.
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