Tailor-made suit or a one-size-fits-all shirt: what would you choose for your estate planning? Legacy isn't only about wealth, it's about the details. The following 6 steps will guide your path to a robust estate plan.

Beware of the commercial fast-food style estate planning methods. They may seem like an easy way out, yet they often lead to a maze of questions and a final product that just doesn't fit.

Likened to clicking the wrong size while online shopping, one wrong click on that form could throw off your entire estate plan. It's like buying a bespoke suit and ending up with an ill-fitting blazer.

Stay vigilant about the documents you're signing. It's not just paperwork, it's the legacy that you intend to leave behind.

Here are the six steps my clients and I venture into while constructing their legacy. Are you ready to chart yours?

Let's get your legacy-building journey started!

Andrew Ayers
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I work with business and estate planning clients to craft legal solutions to protect their legacies.