Surviving a week of icy doorknobs and bone-chilling temperatures, we've returned with our hot-off-the-press Friday 5 video! We're thawing out the answers to these burning questions this week:

1. Think about letting out your getaway home but not sure if you need an LLC?

2. Ever wondered what access you get to a company's books and records when you take over the reins?

3. Need advice on recouping smaller debts owed to your LLC?

4. Pondering whether a prenup might be in your future?

5. Uncertain about the timeline for drafting an estate plan?

Prepare to ignite your knowledge base as we set these topics on fire. Remember, knowledge isn't power if kept to oneself. So, why not help others glow brighter by sharing this video with your network! Let's turn these cold questions into warm, enlightening conversations.

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