Who gets the keys to your legacy when you're gone? Picking the executor of your estate - it's a decision that's more crucial than you think. Plenty of clients have sought my counsel, curious, "Must the torchbearer of my financial legacy be a US citizen?" The answer might not be as straightforward as you think.

Let's dive into a real-life example. Take one of my clients, a globe-trotter, whose assets were scattered throughout different countries. She wanted her childhood friend, a Canadian, to execute her will.

The situation wasn't cut and dry, but I ended up assuring her - it's not a hard and fast rule that executors must have a US passport.

To share more about this, I've crafted a video that provides a comprehensive outlook on the topic. If you're someone who wants to understand the nuances of estate planning, this is for you.

Don't let borders dictate the distribution of your assets. Get informed, stay ahead, and ensure your legacy is handled exactly how you want it to be, no matter where your executor calls home. Click on the link below to dive in. I promise you an ocean of clarity – or at least, a large lake!

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