Imagine using a 20-year-old cellphone today. Outrageous, isn't it? The same applies to your will and estate plan.

Picture this: you prepared and drafted your last will 20 years ago, when the landscape of your life was entirely different. Now, decades later, can you honestly say your priorities are the same?

While it's true that wills and estate planning documents don't come with an expiration date, they can become obsolete if not updated with your changing circumstances and needs. 

Just like that ancient cell phone, a will that hasn't been reviewed and updated may not serve your current needs and goals effectively.

So, stop wondering about the right time to update your estate plan.

Let's face the fact - Life changes. Priorities shift. It's only fitting that your will reflects those changes.

Isn't it time to ensure your will mirrors your present and not your past?

Andrew Ayers
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I work with business and estate planning clients to craft legal solutions to protect their legacies.