Attending the discussion that Tony and I prepared was a smart first step to plan for your future. Hopefully, after our discussion, you’ve seen the value in creating financial planning and estate planning for you and your family. As we promised at the outset, we were not there to sell you anything but did want to provide you with some bonuses for listening to us.

Presentation Slides

For those of you who like to review PowerPoint presentations, you can download Andrew’s slides here.

My Personal Planning Essentials

In the padfolio you received, there was a copy of the My Personal Planning Essentials that Tony and I created to help our clients keep their important information in an easy to access location. If you’d like to download another copy, you can visit the My Personal Planning Essentials offer page at any time. Information about your trusted advisors (like Tony), your primary care doctors, accessing your digital assets, and the location of your estate planning documents will be included in one convenient location. If you’d prefer another hard copy, please email me or Tony and we can have another copy mailed to you.

Documents You Shouldn’t Buy Online

As part of my presentation, I also discussed some documents you shouldn’t buy online. If you’d like to learn more about those, I’ve written a free report on the Documents You Shouldn’t Buy Online. Each of these documents has important legal implications and shouldn’t just be left to a DIY website that is carelessly inserting your information into a generic form. If you click the wrong box or answer the wrong question, your entire plan can be undone without any warning to you.

A Special Offer From Tony

Is your investment plan on track? Find out with our complimentary and confidential Second Opinion Service. We’ll explore your financial goals, evaluate where you are now, discuss where you would like to go, and identify any gaps in your existing investment plan that need to be addressed.

A Special Offer From Andrew

As a special thanks to those who attended our talk, I offer a free Legal Strategy Session. We sit down and review your current will and other estate plan documents. We often find that your documents may need a small update (also known as a codicil). Other times, it may have been a while, and it’s time to update your entire set of documents.

If you don’t have a will, this free session is a great opportunity to discuss why you probably should have one. They don’t have to be complex or intimidating. And, as a thank you for taking the time to sit down with me, we can create a HIPAA Authorization for you to take with you. It will ensure that your loved ones have access to your medical records in case you’ve been in an accident and require immediate medical care.

Complete the form on this page, then call (877) AMAYERS and mention your “Wells Fargo Strategy Session” to schedule a FREE legal strategy session with me personally. I’ve set aside specific appointment times for you, but you need to schedule it soon to ensure you get one of the spots.

I am available to clients for in-person meetings from both my Edina, Minnesota and Brooklyn, New York offices. However, if you prefer, we can also meet virtually.

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