Ever contemplated these queries before your weekend escape?

1. Pondering if an LLC formation is even viable without a physical property?
2. Scratching your head over the absolute necessity of a written real estate contract? Wondering, why can't a handshake deal suffice?
3. Navigating an emotional labyrinth of a divorce and feeling clueless about transferring LLC interest? How does one even begin that process?
4. Your beloved daughter is on her way back to college, but you're unsure about a Healthcare Power of Attorney? Should that even be a concern?
5. You've been blessed with yet another bundle of joy, a child that brightens up your world. But now you're pondering, should you overhaul your entire estate plan for their sake?

Peel your eyes from that clock on the wall, and lend your ear! Let's delve deep and explore these questions together. Set yourself free this Labor Day weekend, equipped with clarity and confidence. Stay tuned as we untangle the complex world of small business and estate planning, empowering you to take those informed steps, fearlessly embracing the adventure ahead.

Andrew Ayers
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I work with business and estate planning clients to craft legal solutions to protect their legacies.