October's arrived with a flurry of questions from hard-working entrepreneurs and business leaders.

Here's our 'Friday 5' - a weekly dose of your most pressing questions:

1. Tossing business bills in the bin- Yay or Nay?

2. Racing to put your newbie business in a trust- is it essential?

3. Should you be personally guaranteeing business contracts?

4. Putting a signature on your estate plan when a move is on the horizon - what's the deal?

5. Crafting a life insurance trust for your child- is it possible?

Get ready for a deep dive into these conversation starters and insights next week. Stay tuned! But first, tell me, which question resonates the most with you? I want to know!

Andrew Ayers
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I work with business and estate planning clients to craft legal solutions to protect their legacies.