In the realm of business law and estate planning, it's common to encounter challenges that leave one perplexed. Some of these puzzles may include:

1. What happens when a handshake deal doesn't pan out as expected? Can an oral agreement hold water in court, or is it destined to sink?

2. Navigating online property leases can be akin to traversing a minefield. What precautions must one take to avoid the potential pitfalls?

3. It's not uncommon for individuals to contemplate modifications to their commercial leases. But is this a legal quicksand waiting to swallow the unwary?

4. The length of a will is often a point of contention. Too short, and it may leave room for disputes. Too long, and it could overcomplicate matters. So, what is the ideal length for a will?

5. Trusts are versatile tools, but can they handle the dual responsibility of providing for a special-needs dependent and holding business assets?

Join us every week for 'Friday 5' - a platform dedicated to dissecting these perplexing issues. Together, we'll navigate these murky waters, shedding light on common misconceptions, and discovering the truth about these complex legal scenarios. Let’s embark on this quest for clarity and control over your legal journey.

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