Thanksgiving 2020Thanksgiving 2020 is shaping up to be such a different experience than any of us ever expected. Normally, we’re crowded around our holiday table with family. As our family has grown over the years, we’ve added a rotating cast of characters to our dinners and have really enjoyed being able to share the holiday with so many people. This year? Well, I’m sure we’ve all seen the very clear recommendations from the government to stay home. Bringing in outsiders or family members from far away can pose a serious risk of infection with the coronavirus. So please, whatever you are doing this week, try to stay as safe as you can.

Legal Tips?

Usually around Thanksgiving, I’m preaching to my clients about the importance of having their estate plan documents in order. This year, it’s a little different since we’re not going to be sitting around that big table with all of our family to remind us of the importance of good planning.

If you’re following the advice and staying safe and distant, here are a few types of estate plan documents you can research:

Next Steps

Usually, this is where I’d tell you to give my office a call for a Legal Strategy Session. But it’s Thanksgiving week and we have plenty of other things on our minds. So go enjoy your holiday in whatever manner you end up celebrating it and we can circle around next week and figure out some next steps for you.

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