We’re 6 days into the new decade and today feels like the first “real” day of the year. Last week, as the holidays wound down, it seemed like many of my clients were still on vacation (or at least in vacation mode). Most of my calls or emails went unanswered. Then this morning arrived. While I was in court, it was a good thing my phone was on silent. It seems that the start of the new decade brought a lot of folks out of the woodwork.

Different times of the year often bring out different types of cases. But the start of the new decade seems to have brought a variety of cases to my doorstep. Some of the folks spent their holidays brainstorming their great new business ideas. Now that the new decade is here, it’s time to launch that business. Others were looking at their year-end lists and realized they didn’t get their estate plans finished by the end of 2019. Or they spent some time on new year’s resolutions and decided that 2020 is a good time to make an estate plan (or update the one they have). And then there are the extremely happy folks who got engaged over the holidays. Now it’s time to start that wedding planning (which may include a prenup).

How Are You Starting Out?

I was able to enjoy my holidays and relax a bit before the start of the new decade. Looking back, I was able to reach my goal of reading 52 books in 2019. I have a large stack on my desk to tackle in 2020. And as the year progresses, that list will likely grow. (I’m a sucker for a good book about baseball and I’m sure there will be a few coming out this spring…)

I’m in the New York office this week for a few court appearances and to catch up with some clients. My travel schedule for the next few months is quickly filling up. And the kids are getting excited for Spring Break already.


what’s on your list for the new decade?

Starting out with any interesting projects?

A creative new year’s resolution?

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