Spring Break and Temporary Guardianship DesignationsSpring Break is around the corner for those of us with children. Many folks will take time away from work to get a vacation in. If you live in a climate with a brutal winter, that little trip to warmer weather can be just the mental break that you need. Or you can be like some of my other friends who choose to go to an even colder locale and get some skiing in. Whatever you choose to do for spring break, it’s also a good time to consider putting together a temporary guardianship for your children. Especially if you are going on a cruise together and leaving the children behind, you’ll want to make sure you have your paperwork in place.

The most complete way to make sure your plans are honored is with a full estate plan. But if you don’t have one yet, and don’t have time to get it done before your trip, then a temporary guardianship could be the best route for you.

What is a Temporary Guardianship Designation?

A temporary guardianship designation says that you are giving someone the temporary right to act as the guardian for your children. It’s not meant to be a forever designation. It is usually helpful to use when you are going on a short trip (like for spring break). Sometimes, your children’s doctor or other providers will want to see the document if services need to be provided to your children.

Many people think that a temporary guardianship designation has to be a long document. But in reality, it’s usually a couple of pages long. Depending on where you reside, there are different requirements. But generally, you’ll need the following information:

  • Your information
  • Your children’s information
  • Who’s going to be the temporary guardian
  • How long the temporary guardianship will last

I’ve jokingly told various seminars I have spoken at that you can write it up on a napkin. If you had the right information, you could do it that way. But most people prefer a more formal document, prepared by an attorney and signed in an attorney’s office. In fact, you can probably set up the appointment and have it prepared while you are in the conference room. Just bring the information and you’re all set. When you hop on that plane for Spring Break? One less worry to take with you…

Next Steps

If you are heading off on a short trip, you may want to consider a temporary guardianship designation. We can get it put together quickly, so call my office to set up a meeting and we can review get the process going for you – (877) AMAYERS.

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