Yesterday, we all got an “extra hour” with the time change. Unfortunately, it’s not a flexible extra hour that we can choose to use whenever is convenient for us. For many, the extra hour happened while we were sleeping and the clocks rolled back an hour. We don’t get to store it up or use it when we want. And now it’s Monday morning and we’re back to work. Could we use that extra hour today? Maybe an hour without email? An hour without the phone ringing or social media feed notifications? Or maybe just a nice Monday afternoon hour-long nap? There are so many opportunities…

What Can You Do With an Extra Hour?

There are lots of things you can do with a little extra time. Last week, I spoke with my friend Tony at Wells Fargo to a group that were interested in financial and estate planning. We went through a few different strategies and tactics that they could take with them. And we even had some time for some questions and answers.

One of our tips, that you can do today, is to check your beneficiary designations. It’s actually “homework” for every person I meet with on an estate plan consultation. We even had one of my clients in the room who could confirm that it was part of her homework after our initial meeting.

Checking your beneficiary designations won’t take you an hour. It might not even take you a minute. It’s just a few clicks away on your computer, tablet or phone. But it’s an important thing to confirm that you have the right people designated to receive the right accounts. Too many people come meet with me, sure that they have the right beneficiaries, only to find that they don’t. Their decisions could wreck the estate plan that we have spent crafting. So it’s not worth it to leave it all to chance.

And with the remaining 59 minutes of your extra hour? I don’t know, let’s go find something fun to do…

Next Steps

If you haven’t checked your beneficiary designations since you signed your will then now is the perfect time to do it. And if you think that things have changed in life and you may want to update your will as well, call my office to set up a legal strategy session and we can review the best options for you – (877) AMAYERS.

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