We’ve had some interesting twists and turns to our Spring Break so far. But to keep with the current theme, another good book I recently read on my last trip to New York was So Good They Can’t Ignore You by Cal Newport. One of the central premises of his book is that the old advice to “Follow Your Passion” doesn’t necessarily lead to a fulfilling career. Instead, using that mantra, you can find yourself job hopping, always searching for that perfect job to fulfill your passion.

Cal lays out four rules for you to follow, and also has some good analysis of the habits of a true craftsman.

Four Rules

  • Rule 1: Don’t Follow Your Passion
  • Rule 2: Be So Good They Can’t Ignore You (or, the Importance of Skill)
  • Rule 3: Turn Down a Promotion (or, the Importance of Control)
  • Rule 4: Think Small, Act Big (or, the Importance of Mission)

Habits of a Craftsman

In addition to the rules, Cal also analyzes what it means to be a true craftsman. The habits he identifies are

  • Decide what capital market you’re in;
  • Identify your capital type;
  • Define “Good”;
  • Stretch and Destroy; and
  • Be patient.

This is just a very brief overview, but hopefully, you’ll check out the book. The context for the rules and habits provide some good information to help you assess your best options for finding professional fulfillment.

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