July CalendarJuly 1 is here. We are halfway through the year. And boy, 2020 has been quite a year so far. Many of the businesses I work with have found new ways to adapt to the current economic climate. For those with estate plans that need assistance, we’ve been updating wills and making sure healthcare documents are in place. And as the Courts finally start to reopen, lawsuits are beginning to ramp up again, though court appearances are virtual rather than in-person. Whatever situation you find yourself in, July 1 is a great time to review where you are and where you want to be at the end of 2020.


For many businesses, July 1 means the start of a new fiscal year. As I wrote the other day, you may need some corporate minutes put together. If it’s only the end of the quarter, there are plenty of things you should be looking at today. The second quarter of this year was likely unlike anything you planned for. Almost no one predicted what would happen during the first half of 2020. Your goals may have gone up in smoke. Or, possibly, your business is growing like never before.

Whatever situation you find your business is in, take this week to look at your goals and see how you are doing. If your business is way off the mark, now is a good time to refocus for the second half of the year. Business going great? Now is a great time to plan to keep that momentum going for the rest of 2020.

Regardless of what situation your business is in, July 1 is a good time to reflect and plan for the next quarter and the rest of 2020.

Estate Planning

With all that we’ve been through, the importance of a comprehensive estate plan has never been clearer. While you may have had your will drafted up, are your healthcare documents also up to date? I’ve consulted with many clients who realized that if they catch Coronavirus and are unable to speak for themselves, they need to have the right documents in place. Especially for people who are not married, the doctors will need to know who to talk to. If there’s nobody in that hospital room with you, who will they speak to? Will it be the person you want making the decisions?

If you’ve created your planning documents years ago, it’s always a good idea to get them checked up. Right now is as good a time as any to speak to a lawyer. You don’t need to sit down in person – you can email them copies of your documents. They can review them with you. The process is easy to do in these days of social-distancing.


At some point or another, almost every court has shut down in 2020. They all stand at different points of reopening. Right now, jury trials aren’t happening in most places. But someday they will return. For others, basic court filings had to be put on hold while the court systems figured out their next steps. Unlike 20 years ago, e-filing has made this easier than ever. Many courts have even extended electronic filing to non-lawyers.

So, if you’re in a lawsuit, or need to file a lawsuit, the courts are reopening. Now is a good time to delve into where you are and what the next steps in your litigation strategy should be.

Give Me A Call

I’ve been working with clients throughout this spring and early summer. We have adapted our policies and procedures to make sure everyone is safe. I haven’t had an “in-person” meeting since early March, but the work is still getting done. So, if you’ve got a legal issue that you need to discuss, feel free to give me a call and set up a Legal Strategy Session – (877) AMAYERS

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