Couple relaxing on a couch in one of their homes they are managingManaging a lifestyle that includes multiple homes and a business can be hectic, to say the least, which is why it’s so important to get organized in both areas. Finding ways to save money is also helpful, especially as you travel between homes or make arrangements to maintain them. With the right helpful resources, you can balance your busy lifestyle and keep your homes and business on track; consider details like getting important documents together, such as an estate plan, or securing legal assistance for your business.

Here are a few things to consider when managing more than one home as a business owner:

Get your households organized

Taking care of more than one home can feel like a neverending to-do list at times, which is why it’s crucial to maintain some organization at each location. If possible, keep a filing system at each home that contains important paperwork, such as home insurance documents, receipts for repairs or renovations, and instruction manuals for every appliance. Take photos of each document and digitize them so you’ll always have access to a copy no matter where you are in the world. Create a list of phone numbers and addresses for repair services and contractors in each city where you own a home, and keep it handy in a digital file that can be accessed by you and your family members. The more organized you are, the easier it will be to manage your properties and handle emergencies.

Get help with important documents

Your home isn’t the only place where important documents need to be handled; as a business owner, you’ll likely face times when there are legal details related to your company that must be managed when you’re away, so it’s important to have a plan in place. Appointing a registered agent is a great start, as they can manage sensitive documents for you and provide peace of mind. You can also download and utilize e-signature tools that will allow you and your business partners to share essential documents, sign and date them, and file away a digital copy. This is a great way to stay on top of your responsibilities no matter where you are.

Run your business smoothly with freelancers

When you travel a lot, it’s important to make sure your business is as well taken care of as your homes are. Consider hiring freelance employees who can help you run things smoothly even when you can’t be there in person. A recruiting agency can help you find skilled individuals with experience in tech, marketing, and design, and in some cases, they can get you a list of qualified candidates in just a couple of days. This will not only help you keep your business on track, but it will also give you peace of mind that things are being handled in your absence.

Look for ways to save money

Sticking to a budget when you own multiple homes and a business can be a challenge, and while working with freelancers instead of full-time employees can save you money, it’s important to find other ways to prevent overspending. You might create a shopping plan for each home that allows you to purchase fresh items that are in season, or to use coupons in conjunction with local store sales. When it comes to bigger expenditures, such as auto insurance, car registration, or health insurance, you can do some research and figure out where they’re the cheapest between the states where you own property.

Keep it secure

One area where you’ll want to spend a little is security. Since you’ll be traveling between homes and always leaving one unattended, it’s important to make sure you can still keep an eye on the place. These days, there are plenty of security options available for any budget, including surveillance cameras, doorbell cameras, motion-sensor lighting, and alarm systems, all of which can be controlled remotely if you have smart technology hooked up. Being able to see what’s going on at your properties right from your smartphone is hugely beneficial, and it can give you peace of mind as you and your family travel.

Get familiar with costs

As you travel between states, it’s important to be aware of the differences when it comes to the cost of living in these areas, whether you’re thinking of buying a new home or just want to be informed about the price of gas. Here’s a bit of information related to various spots around the country:

  • Edina, Minnesota–the average sale price for a home in Edina is about $424,500
  • Colorado Springs, Colorado–a typical utility bill will run you about $169.08 per month
  • Omaha, Nebraska–a doctor’s visit will cost about $115.44
  • Las Vegas, Nevada–there are no state income taxes to worry about, and with a low property tax, the average home sale price of $345,000 is a pretty good deal
  • San Diego, California–The average cost to rent a storage unit is about $143.94; take a look at these San Diego storage units to find the size you need

Leave some things to the pros

While you can take care of some tasks yourself–such as renting a storage unit or organizing important paperwork–it’s important to recognize those tasks that are best left to the pros. Planning for your tax responsibilities is a great example, especially as a business owner. This can be a challenge even for experienced entrepreneurs, and spending time between multiple cities or states can make it even more complicated. Consider hiring a tax planner who can help you manage all those crucial details and avoid any issues down the road.

Whether you’re hiring freelancers, renting a storage unit for your belongings, or setting up security features at your home, staying organized can help you manage it all with ease. Utilize organizational apps that will help you keep everything within reach, and maintain good communication with your business partners, employees, family members, and contractors to ensure that your homes and business are well taken care of.



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