FreelFreelancing has always been an option for many people. Whether using it to launch a side-hustle or going all-in on a business, it’s a great way for you to explore alternate careers outside your 9 to 5 job. Based on the number of filings for business tax identification numbers, it appears that the pandemic has been encouraging people to start their own businesses. On the company side of things, many companies are turning to independent contractors and freelancers. They can help get their work done as the pandemic has forced workers to work from home. Now may be the time for you to consider freelancing as the next evolution in your career.

Tips on Freelancing

This weekend, the Wall Street Journal had a good article with some tips for people who are considering freelancing:

  • Figure out what you do best – find what parts of your profession you are good at and what you enjoy doing.
  • Think checks and balances – you will need to do more financial planning since you will no longer get a steady paycheck every two weeks.
  • Consult your contacts – you don’t necessarily need to sell to them right away, they may be in a better position to just help you out with advice as you start out.
  • Check out the platforms – there are a variety of online marketplaces that can help you connect with companies that are looking for the goods/services you are providing.
  • Hustle hard – it’s going to take a lot of work (or you need to find someone to help you with it).
  • Get better-organized – develop routines to make sure you stay organized and on top of all that your new gig requires.
  • Don’t get lonely – look for business groups and other ways to stay connected to colleagues.

These are a good place to start. As you search the internet, you’ll also find plenty of other resources.

Time to Start a Business?

Is it time for you to start a business? The optimist in me will always say yes. There’s no better time than the present. And it’s not as intimidating as it sounds. At least on the legal side of things, you can check out the Business Lifecycle video series I put together. If you’re ready to get started, I’ve even got a simple form you can run through to get the basics in order.

Wherever you may be in the process, there are plenty of professionals out there to help. I’m a big proponent of putting together a TEAM. That’s a group of Trusted Experts, Authorities, and Mentors. They can help you turn that freelance gig into your dream business.

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