Productivity: It’s the subject of so many business articles. Your social media feed is probably full of “hacks” to make you more productive. There are infographics, polls, videos, you name it. All in the name of productivity. It seems like everyone you talk to has their own productivity secrets or systems. Most of them are happy to share it with you. Some of them will even let you in on their secrets for the right price! If you want to dig really deep, Dan Kennedy even has a book on Time Management for Entrepreneurs. One of the biggest benefits of productivity is that you hopefully don’t need to take all that work stress home with you.

What’s Your Productivity Style?

Among all the different sources of productivity articles, a good article from Working Simply came across my desk this week. Unlike many of the other articles I’ve read, this one does an excellent job of examining your personal styles. How you approach your business and daily life is probably very different than what you read about in most articles. Rather than shoehorn you into another style, this one asks you to identify your Productivity style with an assessment.

After you’ve taken your assessment, you can select the best practices for you. The four styles are:

  • Prioritizer
  • Planner
  • Arranger
  • Visualizer

You should take the assessment to determine your actual style. But a quick synopsis from the article:

Prioritizer: They are so focused on execution that they don’t often spend much time or energy on how a task is completed.

Planner: The Planner has never met a calendar or project-planning tool that they did not like.

Arranger: They are the ultimate team player and excel at partnering with colleagues to get work done.

Visualizer: A Visualizer focuses on the big picture and broad concepts making innovating connections.

As we get ready for the fall, you will see a lot of “Back to School” tips to get more done. My August book email’s theme was around “What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast.” I even might do a few posts as we get into the fall and beyond. However you choose to approach it, it’s a good idea to understand your personal style when considering different tactics.

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