CoronavirusCoronavirus continues to upend businesses in a variety of ways. Concerns over it spreading are far beyond the travel industry. If you are attending a conference, you may be told to do an “elbow bump” instead of handshakes with other attendees. In more extreme cases, entire conferences like SXSW are being canceled. As each week passes, it seems there are more stories about the effect it is having on businesses.

For businesses set up on a “virtual” model, there may be no disruption to your daily life. If you already work from home and conduct your meetings virtually, then you may be in a great position to keep yourself safe. Especially if you don’t need to travel anywhere for work, you may be able to ride out this spring season and hope that the threat is contained soon. But if you’re like me, Spring Break is coming. The kids are restless. They can’t wait to get somewhere warm. But that will mean another plane ride to get to those warm beaches…

No matter what industry you are in, now is a good time to review your policies and procedures to see what you can do to protect your workers from exposure.

Some Current Resources

The Wall Street Journal today has a variety of different articles devoted to companies dealing with the coronavirus:

Over the past week, the Harvard Business Review has also been tackling a variety of subjects for businesses dealing with the coronavirus:

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Next Steps

No legal tips today. If you aren’t feeling well and may have been exposed, then go get checked out. If not, stay safe and keep your loved ones and co-workers safe as well.

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