College ClassesCollege courses can be a pivotal foundation for many small business entrepreneurs. Perhaps you arrived at college as a French major, but then quickly found other courses to be more interesting? One of the biggest advantages of college can be the variety of college courses offered. Many of these subjects will never be easily available to you again. So, while you are there, you can take advantage of what they have to offer. Some subjects may even inspire you to completely pivot and change your focus.

Entrepreneurs can find a variety of sources of inspiration for starting their businesses. Many of them found that spark while in college.

College Courses Entrepreneurs Wish They Had Taken

Last week, the Wall Street Journal had an interesting article on the college courses entrepreneurs wish they had taken. Some of the course the entrepreneurs wish they took:

  • Deal Making
  • Managerial Psychology
  • Consumer Psychology
  • Coding
  • Creative Writing
  • Communications
  • Financial Management

It’s interesting to see that psychology and creative writing featured for these entrepreneurs. Many people would have guessed that financial management would be on the list.

College Courses I Wish I Took

The article got me to thinking what I wish I had taken in college. I was a political science major with a bunch of classes taken in business management as well. One course that would have been very helpful would have been marketing. I have a feeling that these days, many college students have a better understanding of the importance of marketing than I did back when I went to school.

Much like the folks in the article, I also think consumer psychology would also have been helpful to have in my toolkit when I got out of college as well. Knowing that I was heading to law school, I probably focused too much on pre-law classes and not enough on other classes (although I did find time in my schedule for the History of Rock ‘n Roll).

What classes do you wish you had taken in college?

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