Continuing with my Spring Break theme of some of the recent books I read, another good book to pick up is James Clear’s Atomic Habits. It’s a good book that discusses the impact that being just 1% better every day can have on your life. Just like compound interest, it can really give you great returns in the long run. James presents these changes through four steps, which he calls “laws,” to create a good habit. For each law, there is also an “inversion” law, which allows you to break a bad habit.

How to Create a Good Habit

There are four steps/laws for creating a good habit,

  • Make It Obvious
  • Make It Attractive
  • Make It Easy
  • Make It Satisfying

How to Break a Bad Habit

On the other side of the coin, James has a set of laws for breaking bad habits,

  • Make It Invisible
  • Make It Unattractive
  • Make It Difficult
  • Make It Unsatisfying

In addition to the laws, James does a good job of acknowledging and expanding upon the work of Charles Duhigg in The Power of Habit, a book that seems to be on almost everyone’s shelves these days. The topic of using habits to improve your life seems to be very prominent in many books these days and Atomic Habits is another good book to add to your reading queue.

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