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The My Personal Planning Essentials Checklist

You’ve Created Your Will and Aren’t Sure What to Do Next

Working with clients over the years, a common question after they’ve signed their will is,

What do we do next?

Once your documents are finished, it is helpful to have all of your important information in one convenient place in case of an emergency. If you’ve used a website, they probably printed out some long form that is confusing and not particularly helpful for your family. Instead, I’ve created the My Personal Planning Essentials checklist, which keeps your important information together in a simple, 2 page document. Click here for more information or click the image to be taken directly to the download page.

You’ve Been Told Many Times Over the Years that You Need A Will, But You’ve Never Done Anything About It

Many of my clients know that they need a will, but don’t know where to start. They are worried that a will costs too much money or that they don’t have enough money in the bank to justify spending money on a will. Sometimes their financial advisor sounds like a broken record, reminding them at each yearly meeting that they really do need to go talk to an attorney to have something drawn up. But for some reason, they never take that next step and make the phone call to get the ball rolling.

My goal is to make this process as easy and straightforward as possible for my clients. Often times, you don’t need a set of complex documents that you can’t understand yourself. But after we talk, you’ll hopefully see the importance of having an estate plan, no matter how complex. Together we can create a variety of outcomes and provide you and your family with certainty rather than leave your relatives to deal with expensive and lengthy probate proceedings.

You may not think you need anything drafted for you, but what about your children? Maybe you have a beloved cat or dog at home? What if you are in a car accident and are unable to speak for yourself? Who will be the person to talk to the doctor about your wishes?

There’s no need to be intimidated by the process! Give me a call and we can spend a few minutes talking about your situation and go over some ideas for what kind of estate planning you may need and what it really might cost to put it together.

You’ve Used a Website or Document Preparation Service to Set Up Your Business, But Now What?

Many of my clients have used a service to create their company, but then find themselves left standing on top of a mountain with no path to get back down. You are excited that you’ve formed your company, you’ve ordered business cards, a fancy website, signed a lease for an office, but you aren’t sure what to do next. Unfortunately, that service that filed the documents for you doesn’t have any answers for you when it’s time to move forward.

Instead of staring at a computer screen trying to figure out what you need to do next, we can review what the company filed for you and what else needs to be filed to make sure you’ve complied with the laws of the state where you are set up. After that, we can put together corporate agreements for your business, create agreements for your employees and make sure that you’re business has a strong base to grow from.

In addition to businesses just starting out, other businesses have been operating for some time and just need to have their documents looked at with a fresh set of eyes and possibly have some changes made to reflect the growing nature of the business. Rather than leave those website generated agreements on a shelf to collect dust, why not have them reviewed to make sure they are really what you need.

Don’t be stuck stranded on top of the mountain! Give me a call and we can discuss how to help your business grow and thrive. 

What People Say About Me

Andrew made the Estate planning process a breath of fresh air compared to the law firm I worked with a year ago that had me filling out so many forms. I met with Andrew and he took detailed notes on what my wishes were. He created drafts for me to review and we scheduled one final meeting to sign everything. Andrew is professional, organized, and kind. He offers excellent advice and explains how his firm can help family members manage the estate if needed. I will refer friends and family to him.

~Jeanne H.

Andrew is fantastic – reliable, communicative, reasonable, and honest. I am thrilled to work with him, and would recommend him to anyone looking for a straightforward, no-nonsense, effective lawyer.

~Jessica S.

I have known Andrew Ayers for fifteen years and recommend him highly, without reservations. He has handled two matters for me: a divorce, and my will. There are two main criteria for choosing an attorney: competence and temperament. Andrew brings the best of both. Competence. He’s the best. Smart, knowledgeable and experienced. He has a thorough knowledge of the law and the ability to apply it. He will guide you through the complex issues and steps of your case. Andrew is thorough, works hard, and will keep you informed. Temperament. Andrew is steady and low key. Nothing seems to faze him. I always got the impression that he knows people and listens closely. He comes across as serious and low key. BUT he is also the tough advocate you want in your corner. I got quite an education watching his usual affable, friendly demeanor turn steely when my now-ex husband and his attorney tried to use hostility, hysteria and intimidation as tactics. Rather than engaging on their level or becoming confused and sidetracked, he would simply restate our position, request clarification, point out errors and seek negotiation. There are two kinds of divorce lawyers: problem instigators and problem solvers. The instigators amplify their clients’ anger and narcissism. Flashy, dramatic and insulting, they feed on the couple’s problems, stir the pot, and multiply the issues. The problem solver calmly and persistently seeks to negotiate an acceptable compromise. That’s Andrew. Andrew helped me handle myself during a tough time in my life. He told me to always “take the high road”. This was advice that I did not want to hear. However, he would explain the way the courts work, how judges think, and the probable consequences of moves I might have made. I realized he was speaking from experience. He would have stood by me if I didn’t listen, but I would have made things harder for myself. In the end, I followed his advice, and got what I wanted. Andrew helped me sort out a situation that I thought was hopeless, and therefore will always be my lawyer. A few years after this, when I was ready for a Will, he had moved halfway across the continent. A Will is pretty much drama-free and he gave me the name of someone in my town. However, there was no question in my mind who I was going to hire. So, with the phone, the internet, and a trip out to see him, we got it done. Andrew Ayers is the real deal. Hire him and you’ll see!

~Sherry A.

About Me

I operate my law firm practicing in the states of Minnesota, New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, as well as Federal Courts. Being admitted to practice law in four different states provides a unique perspective that I attempt to bring to each person or business I work with. I was born and raised in the New York City area, moved to Minnesota for the final years of high school and college, returned to New York City for law school and the early years of my practice and when my wife and I started our family, we returned to Minnesota. To assist my clients, I have offices in Minnesota and Brooklyn.

Outside of the office, you will often find me spending time with my kids, playing tennis or cheering on my favorite baseball or soccer teams. My personal goal each year is to read one book per week (check out my About Me page for what I’m currently reading) and I also enjoy cooking with the variety of kitchen gadgets that I have seemed to accumulate over the years.

Everyone Has Unique Legal Needs – You Don’t Need to Settle for “One Size Fits All” Forms from a Website or Impersonal Lawyers Who Never Take the Time to Learn About Your Situation

My clients benefit from an individually designed, personalized approach. Together, we analyze your concerns and provide you with the support and guidance to navigate your legal issues. I provide the flexibility of meeting both in-person and virtually at times that are convenient for all of us. My professional fees are structured to fit the actual complexity or simplicity of your legal needs. I work with a network of dedicated professionals and use a variety of resources to protect and plan for your goals.

Like many of my clients, I operate a business and understand the challenges we face on a daily basis. If you are involved in a lawsuit, even though most cases settle before trial, I have actual trial experience and we will work to prepare your case for the best possible outcome before the court. When not in the courtroom, I counsel and assist businesses in a variety of industries. We work together to develop and grow your businesses to its full potential. My clients start their own companies, purchase their first homes and create an estate plan to design their futures.

Unfortunately, my clients also turn to me to assist with the collection of debts owed when they aren’t paid for their goods or services. When they are facing a complex or high conflict family law issue (a divorce, a child custody action, an order of protection), my clients benefit from a concise plan to guide you through the issues and protect your family. No matter what we are working on, my goal is to get the best possible results while respecting your emotional needs in what is likely the toughest experience you will go through.