Private Counsel to Extraordinary People and their Innovative Businesses

My law firm provides legal services to innovative people and their businesses. My office is located in Park Slope where I strive to provide these services in an efficient, cost-effective manner that is tailored to meet your unique objectives.

Benefits of Representation

My clients benefit from a personalized approach specifically designed to address your concerns and provide you with the support and guidance to navigate the legal issues you face. I provide the flexibility of meeting both in-person and virtually if necessary, at times that are convenient for all of us. My professional fees are structured to fit the actual complexity or simplicity of your legal issues we are facing and I work with a network of dedicated professionals to help achieve our goals.

The Experience to Assist You with Your Legal Matters

Like many of my clients, I operate my own business and understand the challenges and opportunities that it takes on a day to day basis. For thirteen years, I have represented clients both in and out of court in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. While most cases settle before trial, I have been actively involved in all phases of lawsuits in both state and federal courts, providing you with an attorney with actual trial experience.  When not in the courtroom, I counsel and assist businesses in a variety of industries, helping them develop and grow their businesses to their full potential. Unfortunately, as many sectors of the economy have suffered, my clients also turn to me to assist with the collection of debts owed, whether by contract or court judgment. My clients start their own companies, purchase their first homes and create an estate plan to design their futures. In the unfortunate circumstances where you are facing a complex or high conflict family law issue (a divorce, a child custody action, an order of protection), I will work with you to get the best possible results while respecting your emotional needs in what is likely the toughest experience you will go through.

For More Information

Please use the links above to explore my website and associated platforms. For further information or to set up a consultation please contact my offices through this website or call (718) 568-0221, (908) 698-0417 or (612) 294-6982.